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Eiichiro Oda-sensei,

Thank you for 17th years of laughs, tears, rivals, fights, friendships, adventure and dreams. Thank you for inspiring many to find courage and follow their dreams, just like the main characters of your manga. Thank you for creating such characters who have both strength and flaws but are still perfect to all the readers of the manga. Thank you for creating them, the Straw Hat crew, who are there to keep us entertained and inspire us to get through life. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for making One Piece!

Thank you! We all love you!

Special One Piece 17th Anniversary Coloring Collab was done by

portgas-dee-ace (Chopper), greatsenpai (Nami), azumaneh (Franky), sanjl (Sanji), kemeyeo (Luffy), blackbarbooks (Brook), onenakamapiece (Robin), dandychameleon (Usopp), anna-hiwatari (Zoro), timey-doctor (background).

See the full resolution, unedited version on deviantart!

I want to thank these wonderful people for helping me and making this collab possible. You are all amazing!

But I also have to apologize for not posting the finished piece on time. I’m sorry, life took me away from tumblr and photoshop ;___; Tho, I hope you like the finished coloring! It really looks awesome!

So, once again, thank you! And happy 17th birthday to One Piece! <3


Just some Mink Good End from ReConnect master post. 

this is my otp and i couldn’t find a post with all the nsfw pictures even though i’m sure there out there


Macklemore Pigeon [x]

S U Z U Y A   J U U Z O U | T O K Y O   G H O U L 


"I’m thinking about going to Platinum Jail. Actually, I have to go


Kisumi Shigino in episode 8

No human can defeat E.N.D.! But his motion sickness will always prevail. - Lucy’s plan to defeat “Evil” Natsu [x]



Daddy came home from work today. 

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I think I’m going to cry